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dental creations - wonderpeg
Instant Firing Support!

Wonderpeg offers instant firing support by holding the crown or jacket in place.

10 cc syringe | Item #2010

Example Use with a Crown

using Wonderpeg on a crown step 1

1. Using the Wonderpeg syringe, simply fill the crown, jacket, or veneer; no drying time is necessary.

Using Wonderpeg on a crown step 2

2. The crown, jacket, or veneer is easily balanced on the ceramic peg and does not tilt during the firing. Wonderpeg offers zero firing distortion for temperatures from 400° C to 1300° C.

Using Wonderpeg on a crown step 4

3. Simply remove with a slight twist from the ceramic peg after firing and tap off any residual Wonderpeg material.

Example Use with a Veneer

Using Wonderpeg on a veneer step 1

Step 1.

Using Wonderpeg on a veneer step 2

Step 2.

Example Uses of Wonderpeg

Firing Crowns and Jackets

Fire a single crown or jacket using Wonderpeg applied to a ceramic firing peg. The crown is easily balanced on the ceramic peg and does not tilt during the firing. After firing simply remove the crown with a slight twist from the ceramic peg and tap off any residual Wonderpeg material.

Wonderpeg fires without any shrinkage or distortion of the structure while in the furnace. There is no discoloring of the crown. The Wonderpeg remains white during firing, as compared to some competitors’ products that turn brown/black and have been know to discolor the crown.

Create a custom firing peg by squeezing out a cone shaped portion of Wonderpeg onto a sagger tray or honeycomb surface and then apply heat from a palm-held torch to firm up the Wonderpeg.

Refiring a second time using the original Wonderpeg set up has been proven to be cost effective and time saving. Wonderpeg continues to hold the structure without any distortion throughout both furnace applications.

Soldering and Repair Work

Wonderpeg works great for soldering or repairing structures. It saves the time and effort typically required when using a wax base to support the components. It eliminates the need to boil away wax and to sterilize the solder surface. Merely apply Wonderpeg, position components, and then solder. Products are soldered with no distortion.

Applying Wonderpeg onto a mesh screen or sagger tray provides easy access for hand soldering using a “micro torch” for the normal solder joint or repair work.

Wonderpeg extruded onto a mesh screen can be placed directly over the open flame of a bunsen burner for large repairs.

By cutting the plastic tip off of the syringe using a small cutting wheel and making a square hole in the end of the syringe, you can extrude a “square” pass onto a sagger tray or mesh screen. The flat top surface of the Wonderpeg works great for setting multiple components on the same plane.

Repair holes in crowns by filling the crown with Wonderpeg, tilt the crown to 45° incline, and then flow solder across the pin-hole in the crown and across the exposed surface of Wonderpeg without using any foil! Saves time by eliminating the preparation of the inner soldered surface.

Surface Protection

Wonderpeg works great as a temporary heat shield up to 2400°F. It protects stone models during high heat repairs to metal structure without burning or scorching the stone.

When soldering an axle or a threaded fitting to a bracket, protect the internal threads and surface by injecting Wonderpeg into the component. Wonderpeg is easily steamed out or chipped away when solder work is complete.