Whip Mix VeriModel OS Golden Brown Resin


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VeriModel OS Golden Brown Resin

Whip Mix introduces VeriModel OS Golden Brown, the latest addition to its VeriBuild print resin family. The methacrylate-based 3D print resin is made especially for dental models and removable dies. It is compatible with both 385nm and 405nm 3D printers and is ideal for most open-system DLP, LCD, and SLA printers.

VeriModel OS Golden Brown provides high detail resolution, sharp margins, low shrinkage and long-lasting toughness, with an attractive Golden Brown color that provides a visual contrast with light color die stones and makes seeing margin and anatomical detail easy. The new resin also features an easy-to-clean, smooth, matte surface.

VeriModel OS Golden Brown is packaged in 1kg (910ml) bottles.