Whip Mix VeriGuide OS Resin

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Whip Mix introduces VeriGuide OS, a Class I resin material developed for the production of high precision surgical guides for use in dental implant surgery. The new material is formulated for 3D-printing systems (DLP, SLA, and LCD) at both 385 nm and 405 nm. This product is compatible with the Whip Mix VeriBuildAsiga Max, and Asiga Pro 4K 3D printers, and the Whip Mix VeriLUX Curing Unit, the Otoflash Curing Unit, the Uvitron UV IntelliRay 600 Curing Unit, the Uvitron SunRay 400 UV Curing Unit, and the CUREbox Plus Curing Unit.

VeriGuide OS™ has been successfully tested for biocompatibility and meets all mechanical properties requirements. The resin features an easy post-processing method and produces highly accurate surgical guides with a high quality surface.

Sleeves may be inserted directly after printing with excellent fit. The material can also be sterilized by autoclave, steam, ethylene oxide, or gamma rays without affecting dimensional stability, physical properties and biocompatibility.

VeriGuide OS is packaged in 1kg (910ml) bottles.