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MR Pin

Dual Pin and Sleeve

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The most important step in the creation of a well fitting restoration is the accuracy of the model and die. Now you can have the accuracy of a dual pin and metal sleeve without the associated high cost.

The MR Pin is extremely well made, extremely accurate and extremely economical. The dual pin design and precise fitting metal sleeve virtually eliminates rotation. The metal sleeve has a high luster plating that is abrasion resistant, allowing the pin to be removed and replaced frequently without any change to the relationship of the overall model.

The MR Pin is compatible with virtually all pin setting machines and requires no change in procedure.

Available in boxes of 100 pcs. & 1000 pcs.

Advantages of the MR PIN:

  • Compatible with virtually all pin setting systems
  • Precise fitting metal pin and metal sleeve with improved retention
  • Die Guard for clean professional models
  • Can replace: PX114, PX 115, PX153, P-48, Pin Mates & Denerica 346 & 326