ProFil Flow Flowable Composite 4/pk – Silmet


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Manufacturer: Silmet
Profil Flow by Silmet offers high compressive and tensile strength for optimal wear resistance based on the advanced resin technology of ProFil. It is also a visible-light activated, radiopaque, flowable composite. The excellent flowable consistency characteristics makes ProFil™ Flow an ideal composite for filling cavities. ProFil™ Flow is available in more than 4 shades

ProFil Flow is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, flowable composite.

Contains: (4)x 1gm syringes

ProFil Flow Flowable Composite 4/pk  – Silmet

  • Features
  • Excellent esthetic properties
  • No oozing or slumping
  • Perfect for minimal invasive restorations
  • Low Viscosity
  • Maximum versatility
  • High polish retention & stable color match
  • Long term fluoride release
  • Low shrinkage
  • Indications
  • Class III, Class V, Smaller Class IV restorations
  • Base/liner in Class I & Class II restorations
  • Repair of resin, porcelain and acrylic temporary materials
  • Pit & Fissure sealant
  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations
  • Undercut blockout
  • Compares to: Revolution by Kerr