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Permanent Soft Relining Material


is an industry-leading heat-processed silicone material that stays soft permanently and features decades of documented success in denture reline cases. The material bonds firmly to new or existing acrylic dentures, and stays elastic and bacteria-free for years.

Features and Benefits:

  • Single-component silicone
  • Heat-curing
  • Easy to use with dental flasks: can be polymerized either in water batch or microwave
  • Strong bonding to any denture base, to new and old dentures alike
  • Time-saving feature: can be polymerized simultaneously with acrylates
  • Resistant to the influences of the oral environment
  • Contains no substances of swelling and no plasticizers
  • Non-irritant, tissue-compatible, clinically tested, and scientifically documented
  • MOLLOPLAST-B relining will remain soft and elastic even after years of wearing