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MG NewPress is an electro-pneumatic injection system capable of processing any thermoplastic and acrylic material up to 399°C .

The heat press is easy to maintain and absolutely reliable and allows you to create aesthetic hooks, partial and total prostheses, space maintainers, removable or temporary bridges, retainer splints, orthodontic devices, positioners and teeth protectors for sportsmen.

The best value for money on the market today.

Many metal alloys (chromium-cobalt, chromium-nickel, mercury-silver and gold alloys) are widely used both in the construction of bridges and crowns and in that of dental prostheses. However, the use of these materials can cause considerable discomfort to patients, due to the occurrence of numerous allergic reactions. These allergies are responsible for oral dryness, tingling tongue, gingivitis, acid or metallic taste and even chronic fatigue.

The MG NEWPRESS heat press, with its injection system, allows the processing of thermoplastic materials for the production of metal-free dental prostheses . These high quality prostheses, completely bio-compatible and aesthetically more pleasing than traditional ones, are particularly suitable for patients who suffer from allergic reactions due to the presence of metallic elements.

The system, easy to maintain and absolutely reliable, offers the possibility of processing any thermoplastic and acrylic material up to 399°C.

For a dental laboratory, making use of a heat press for the injection of thermoplastic materials means being able to considerably expand the range of prosthetic products to offer to its customers and, consequently, expand it.

The MG NEWPRESS heat press complies with the following standards : EN ISO 12100-1 – EN ISO 12100-2 – EN 60204/1 – DIN 45635 based on the provisions of Directive 2006/42/EEC – 2014/30/EU – 2006/ 95/EEC.

100% Made in Italy
5 year guarantee.

Pack contains:

1 MG-NewPress- electro pneumatic Thermopress 220V/110V.

1 Muffle(Flask) for MG-NewPress.

1 Package MG Cartridges 45 pcs.



Weight 35kg
Dimensions 90×42.5×19cm


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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 90 × 42.5 × 19 cm