Karadent by TCS Cartridges 25mm Medium


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Karadent™ by TCS (25mm)

Karadent™ by tcs® is a semi-rigid, microcrystalline polymer thermoplastic. Karadent™ is your ideal upgrade from acrylic dentures offering the stability and simplicity of acrylic/metal partials without compromising aesthetics. Ideal for full dentures, semi-flexible partial dentures, clear clasps, framework, and nightguards.

The 25mm cartridges fit in all TCS injectors and most on the market. They are the most popular type cartridge.


  • Standard Pink (Shade 2)
    Medium: 2000-01/M2
  • Dark Pink (Shade 4)
    Medium: 2000-01/M4
  • Natural (Shade N)
    Medium: 2000-01/MN