Karadent by TCS Cartridges 25mm Large


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Karadent™ by TCS (25mm)

Karadent™ by tcs® is a semi-rigid, microcrystalline polymer thermoplastic. Karadent™ is your ideal upgrade from acrylic dentures offering the stability and simplicity of acrylic/metal partials without compromising aesthetics. Ideal for full dentures, semi-flexible partial dentures, clear clasps, framework, and nightguards.

The 25mm cartridges fit in all of TCS injectors and in most injectors on the market. They are the most popular type of cartridge.


Standard Pink (Shade 2)
Large: 2005-01/L2

Dark Pink (Shade 4)
Large: 2005-01/L4

Natural (Shade N)
Large: 2005-01/LN